‘HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform’ Korea

Discover performances by five groups of talents from South Korea, spanning a wide range of themes, from society, personal value, to tradition and modernity, while displaying the diversity of contemporary dance in South Korea through distinctive choreographic styles.

Choreographed by Choi Soyoung, Byeol Yang has been on tour at several dance festivals, as a minimalist duo performance exploring the relationship between the environment during the pandemic and the inertia of the human body. Shin Changho’s No Comment has also been performed in mainland China, Japan, the US, and Europe, with its powerful dance ensemble serving as a metaphor for how truth is suppressed by and strives to survive in reality. Choreographer Cho Inho’s In My Own Name is imbued with Korean flavours, as an introspection on personal identity through a fusion of physical movement and traditional music. Quotation Dance tackles the subject of creative ownership and its grey areas, through which choreographer Chung Da Soul creates movements and text to challenge the notion of a choreographer’s role and positioning in creative work. Meanwhile, Hauntology, a piece by Art Project BORA’s Artistic Director Kim Bora, features six dancers that return to the fundamental essence of dance in between reality and fantasy.

Supporting Organisation


Byeol Yang

Photo: LEE Dohee

Artistic Director

KIM Bora


CHOI Soyoung

In My Own Name

Photo: National Gugak Center

Choreography and Performance

CHO Inho

Quotation Dance

Photo: ‘2019 ArkoCreative’ SANG Hoon Ok

Concept, Choreography and Text


No Comment

Photo: KIM Si Nae


SHIN Changho


Photo: MOK Jinwoo

Artistic Director and Choreography

KIM Bora

Approximately 2 hours with intermission

The performance contains nudity scenes and is recommended for audiences aged 16 or above

Quotation Dance and In My Own Name are performed in Korean with Chinese and English surtitles

Latecomers or re-admission audiences will not be admitted until a suitable break of the performance

Programme content does not reflect the view of the presenter and partners

CCDC reserves the right to substitute artists amd vary advertised programmes

Date & Time

18.11.2023 (Sat) 8pm


Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

Ticket Price


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