Is ‘pǔ luó saì sī’ a destination? A person? An archive of a moving body? An avatar of a place? This process is like a serial drama about moving and experimenting. It is an echo, a march, where the body travels across different cultures and where different cultures flow through.

Starting from the experiences of an individual, this piece explores how the personal experiences are transformed into creative elements. A new space is constructed by combining continuous two-dimensional images and body movement — when it is immersed in the present moment, it also comprises new imagination.

LIU Qingyu

Liu Qingyu is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and the Resident Choreographer of Ergao Dance Production Group. She graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Master of Fine Arts in Dance Choreography and received the Society of the Academy for Performing Arts Scholarship. She was a full-time dancer in Guangdong Modern Dance Company from 2009 to 2017, and joined Ergao Dance Production Group in 2021. Her choreographies focus on her growth process. She uses the body to respond individually thinking about ‘The Self’ and her own reconstruction process, while also practising how to connect with diverse groups of people.

Concept, Choreography and Performance

LIU Qingyu



Lighting Design

LOW Shee-hoe


Ergao Dance Production Group

This project is one of the awarded projects of CCDC’s ‘Fellowships for Contemporary Dance Creation and Research’