‘Open Studio’ Series connects overseas and local arts practitioners through an open platform, in which artists are encouraged to present and share their research outcomes on certain contemporary dance issues and delve into the ecosystems and latest trends of the field.

The three sessions feature 9 awardees of CCDC’s ‘Fellowships for Contemporary Dance Creation and Research’ as well as artists in collaboration with West Kowloon Cultural District to share their deliverables through different formats, inspire each other and promote the development of contemporary dance.

Language: English (Some speakers will speak in Putonghua or Cantonese, with simultaneous English interpretation)

Exclusively for ‘Festival Pass’ holders

Session 1:17.11.2023 10:40am

‘Boiling Bo’ Series – Mom

Artist: Bobo LAI

Communication Medium — A Research on Body Languages (Sign Language)

Artist: Terry TSANG

Photo: Worldwide Dancer Project

This session features artists in collaboration with West Kowloon Cultural District: Mui Cheuk-yin, Wayson Poon, Zelia ZZ Tan, as well as TS Crew and contact Gonzo (Japan).

Session 2:18.11.2023 1:30pm

‘Expressive Sight’ – The Sights of Femininity

Artist: WU Hui

Constructing IdentityA Contemporary Dance Research on Chinese Folk Dance

Artist: GUO Rui

Styling & Photography: WU Hui (Re-shaping identity); Dancer: Chaobu Liga

Reconstructing Memories of My First SoloIn Search of the Lost Spirituality and Physicality

Artist: Elysa Wendi

Chicken Blood

Artist: Alberto GEROSA

Session 3:19.11.2023 2pm

20QQ‘Technology x Corporeality’ Experiment

Artist: YU Yanan

This is a Process

Artist: LIU Qingyu

Wardrobe: A Critical Approach to Dance Studies in Hong Kong

Artist: DONG Xian-liang