In troubled times like these, frustration and desolation crowd the mind. Wandering in darkness, we were anxious and distressed, as if we were walking across a frozen lake. We kept chasing our dreams, yet let ourselves be turned into ‘isolated islands’. In times like these, who will be left to keep watch over the wheatfield, to wait patiently together for the first rays of the sun?

WuDaoQingNian 2021 is delighted to announced its new dance theatre performance De-islandsation for City Contemporary Dance Festival. Choreographed by CCDC’s Resident Artist Noel Pong, 17 selected students will take to the stage after ten months of professional dance training. Each dancer’s body is stacked up to form  islands; encouraging us to chase our dreams even during the darkest and most depressing nights. Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. Let’s pursue our dreams by joining hands and allowing our inner light to illuminate each other on the island.

Creative Team

Choreography: Noel PONG
Performers: WuDaoQingNian 2021

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