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City Contemporary Dance Company

Opening Programme

Performance: City Contemporary Dance Company

Every day, we leave behind many marks: footprints on the road, lipstick on the glass, images in another’s mind. These marks remind us of people who used to be around, things that once happened, years which have gone by. Sometimes, they take us to ourselves; sometimes, they bring others to us.

Re-Mark is a thought-provoking new work by Resident Choreographer Sang Jijia based on his research with Italian dancers and was first premiered at Fabricca Europa Festival in Florence in May 2018. In this new version that marks the opening of City Contemporary Dance Festival in November 2019, Sang continues his research on the relationship between body, spatiality and memory through his signature multi-faceted way. Together with CCDC dancers, he discovers the landscapes of culture and the mind as they echo the changes of times.

“After coming back to Hong Kong, two words popped into my mind, “Love” and “Care”. Re-Mark is about amplifying those emotions, reshaping and reforming them so that what’s left is the warmest part.

Something else that I’ve never thought about before is incorporating “facial expression” into my work. Isn’t that strange? Do you think people notice the expressions of the performers when they watch contemporary dance pieces? But this idea is always on my mind…”

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