Simple POPUP

KU-SO- Olympics

Unlock Dancing Plaza

Ignite the Olympic Spirit!

A passionate amateur is training hard to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Games alongside elite Japanese athletes. Day and night, the squad challenges its members to achieve harder and harder feats that test the limits of their endurance, agility and mental fitness. As they pump in oxygen and pump out perspiration, they also start to distil the vital essence of sport, being both “in the moment” and connected to eternity.

The members of Unlock Dancing Plaza are renowned for their exploratory mix of creativity, fun and self-awareness. This time, the contemporary dance company has joined hands with the amazingly athletic performers from Namstrops, a group from Japan that focuses on kinetic energy, and SunFool, who designed the show’s striking pop-up paper artworks. Pooling their individual talents in this vibrantly energetic production, the artists have linked sporting endeavour to goal-setting and self-fulfilment for both young and adult audiences.

The premiere of this production was presented by the International Arts Carnival.