Simple POPUP

Mo Ngaan Tai

Terry TSANG King-fai (HONG KONG)

Naked, uncovered and undisguised – perhaps this is all that can be seen on the stage. When bodies are the only medium, what is the connection between the audience and the dancers, exposing their naked sculptural bodies to the air? Speechless communication? A long-searched-for echo? Or apathetic examination?

The selected generation of the times, something we cannot deny. Some scream and shout; some run away; some enjoy themselves; while others seek stability.

When each individual entity stands alone, what does harmony in diversity mean? Thousands of millions of people thinking like each other or seeking harmony while embracing their different ways of thinking? Perhaps, when topics like sex, freedom and human rights are no longer considered taboo by society, harmony in diversity will truly arrive

The premiere of this production was presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.