NINA – materialize sacrifice (Japan)

“Each dancer had an overwhelming sense of gravity and forcefulness, so the audience could not take their eyes off them even for a second.” – The Asahi Journal


NINA proves, in every detail, his (Jo Kanamori) sense of beauty and results in a forceful and compelling performance.”  The Performing Arts Journal (Taiwan)

Hong Kong Premiere

Performance: Noism1

NINA – materialize sacrifice studies how one might produce an energy strong enough to give a sense of the beauty and power to a body before it moves in space, and explores how to create a body which would absorb the energy of the floor and would not fall even when being pushed. French born Vietnamese composer An Tôn Thất creates a compact music with mechanical sound and hammering percussion, together with the mysterious dim stage light, the piece transpires a sense of thrilling tension. The female dancers’ bodies are stiff like robots with no facial expression, yet their movement is sharp, fast and skillfully controlled, contrasting to the powerful but arbitrary manipulation of the male dancers.

Acclaimed as a “compelling work”, NINA has been performed around the world in Paris, Moscow, Washington, Seoul, Daegu, Hangzhou and Taipei.

Photo Kishin SHINOYAMA

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017